"I worked with Michael to purchase a condominium. There were several things that came up with the financing and sellers that he helped us deal with in a timely manner. He stayed on top of things and followed up with the seller agent over the many months that it took Also, there were some last minute items and we were able to get everything resolved and close the transaction with his help. I would recommend working with Michael because he knows the local area, listens to your input and will help you buy the house or condominium that will suit your needs."

- Ted, Beaverton, OR

"Working with Michael was great! His experience really allowed me to focus on my work and family while he focused on getting me the best deal. When the home needed some repairs, Michael had several contractors that he knew well and we were able to get all repairs done in a timely and professional manner. Very satisfied and I highly recommend Michael."

- Luis, Gresham, OR

"We were one of Michael's first clients. The reason we chose Michael was because of his character. We knew he was honest, hard working and willing to find answers to our questions. My husband found many houses he wanted to visit. By listening and observing both parties and considering our families needs (both nuclear and extended), Michael suggested a property that neither my husband or I had considered. Although we didn't know it at the time, it met our needs and we ended up buying the house.
About nine months later we received an erroneous letter from the government. I called Micheal, within the day, he had contacted the correct agencies to make sure that our paper work had indeed been properly closed prior to the sale of the house. Due to his diligence and calm manner, we were able to clearly dispute the false claims and move on with peace about our property.
It's been a year since we purchased our home. Every now and then a question pops up, and Michael is willing to go the distance to make sure we are happy with our purchase. He is a knowledgeable and very responsive professional who acts with integrity. If we had to buy a house again, we'd use Michael without reserve."

- Jen, Gresham, OR

"I am one of the buyers that worked with Michael. He is very good, always available to answer my calls and questions. I was in limited budget, but Michael make it happen. I have my own home."

- Wissam, Beaverton, OR

"Michael is a pleasure to work with! We moved to the Portland area from out of state and rented for about a year and a half before deciding to buy. As we started looking for a home, Michael worked hard to understand our wants and needs.

The market in Portland is very different than the markets we've purchased houses in before, so we needed to learn and adjust to major differences in the Portland market. Michael helped us navigate the market as well as all of the pros and cons of possible neighborhoods.

He set us up to regularly get automated listings as soon as the MLS on a property changed by having his system send us properties that were within our parameters. This made it easier so that we could see the full details of a house right away and make a decision about whether we wanted to view the property.

He also worked with us to narrow down the possibilities so that we could find something we liked. We were not in a rush since we were renting, and Michael was very patient over the extended time we were searching. He was truly about customer service rather than "making the sale".

He is honest, he is responsive, and he is willing to go above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of"

- Steve, Hillsboro, OR

"Michael worked patiently with us for close to 2 years to help us find a home. His knowledge regarding the market, plus his personal experience with buying homes, helped keep us moving forward, even though we often wanted to back out. He is very encouraging, understanding, and not afraid to talk to some sense into you... but in a kind way. Once when I had questions about the terms a contractor used in describing the work he did on the house before we bought it, he came to me with pictures and diagrams to help me understand what they had done. He was regularly available to talk well past work hours and on weekends. Even after the purchase was done with, he continued to work with us to answer questions. Michael regularly went the extra mile for us."

- Scott, Beaverton, OR